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Eliminate Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry in Monroe, Louisiana

Do you become scared or anxious when facing with an upcoming dental appointment? You’re certainly not alone – studies show us that these feelings prevent millions of Americans from receiving the vital care their smile needs every year. Here in Monroe, LA, our team’s focus is always on helping you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible – that’s why we provide sedation dentistry. With these options, Dr. Patrick McGee can take the edge off any negative emotions you’re experiencing, helping you to sit back and take it easy as we improve your oral health and beauty. If you’re interested in using sedation during your appointment, please let us know!

Nitrous Oxide

Typically, our team recommends nitrous oxide for patients who suffer from mild to moderate dental-related anxiety. This substance (also known as “laughing gas”) is administered to patients through a nasal mask, and Dr. McGee is capable of adjusting the dosage at any time to ensure the patient’s comfort. Within minutes, you should start to experience feelings of warmth and contentment that last throughout the procedure. Best of all, once the mask has been removed, patients typically recover within minutes. This means that you can return home, get back to work, or even drive right away!

Oral Conscious Sedation

If your fear of dental care is at a moderate to severe level, our team may recommend oral conscious sedation. Like the name suggests, this comes in the form of a prescribed sedative; our team will inform you on when to take it before your appointment begins. Once the sedative takes effects, patients will enter a deep state of relaxation. While it won’t technically put you to sleep, many people who undergo oral conscious sedation don’t even remember their appointment. With this option, patients will be required to have a trusted escort bring them to and from our Monroe, LA office.

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